Sodium Gluconate

Sodium gluconate is sodium salt of gluconic acid that is produced by the fermentation of glucose. PMP Sodium gluconate comes in a fine granular or powdered form. It is soluble in water, non corrosive, non toxic, biodegradable and biorenewable.


PMP Sodium Gluconate Granular F.C.C.
PMP Sodium Gluconate F.C.C. is a high quality crystalline sodium salt of gluconic acid. It appears as white crystals that exhibit excellent solubility. This non-corrosive, non-toxic and highly pure gluconate is an excellent choice when dry material is preferred. Bulk density is approximately 59 pounds per cubic foot (0.95 g/cc).


PMP Sodium Gluconate Powder
A fine particle mix of sodium gluconate for use in special industrial applications (e.g. dry powdered chemical mixes and liquid suspensions). Bulk density is approximately 44 pounds per cubic foot (0.70 g/cc).

General Characteristics

Sodium Content:
Alcohol (ETOH):
Sparingly Soluble
Molecular Weight:
Melting Point:
205 - 209°C

Standard Specifications:

PMP Sodium Gluconate is available in granular and powder form. PMP Sodium Gluconate complies with the requirements of the Food Chemicals Codex.

Standard Packaging & Availability:

PMP Sodium Gluconate Granular is packaged in 50lb. and 25kg. lined, multi-walled paper bags and one ton bulk bags (other sizes are made for special order).

PMP Sodium Gluconate Powder is available in 125 lb. polyethylene lined, fiber drums.

Storage & Handling:

PMP Sodium Gluconate Granular should be stored at room temperature in a dry location.

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