TX-8 is a liquid enzymatic product consisting of alpha-amylase.


TX-8 is a dark brown to almost black liquid, enzyme preparation of alpha amylase with the odor of cinella. It has a dextrinizing value of 6,600 DV/g minimum.

General Characteristics:

Chemical Name:


TX-8 is used in desizing operations in both the pulp/paper and textile industries. The amylase is used to hydrolyze the starch used in these industries, allowing unwanted sugars and degradation products to be washed away.

Standard Packaging & Availability:

TX-8 is available in 55 gallon plastic drums and 5 gallon plastic pails.

Storage & Handling:

For best effect, TX-8 should be stored below 60° F in a dry location. TX-8 can be stored up to 80°F for 3 months with only 6% loss in activity.

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