PMP Completes Expansion Phase 2

July 25, 2005 – PMP Fermentation Products, Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of Fuso Chemical Co., Ltd. of Osaka, Japan, will complete this October the second stage of the ongoing expansion for the production of Sodium Gluconate and Gluconic Acid. Once again, significant process design changes, fermentation advancements and equipment modifications have allowed for another substantial increase in production of sodium gluconate and its derivatives. The operational testing is now underway, and full production at the higher level will begin this fall. Dennis Huff, Vice President of Business Development, said, “This expansion will enable us to continue to supply the world market with sodium gluconate and gluconic acid. In addition to its gluconate operation in Peoria, IL., PMP is the only North American producer of sodium erythorbate, a water soluble antioxidant used in food and industrial applications.

For questions or additional information, please call:
Dennis Huff at (309) 637-0400, ext. 212 or Mike Bussell at (309) 637-0400, ext. 231.